What does travel insurance cover?

Tail end of plane against clouds

Travel insurance coverage varies widely from company to company. Depending on your own personal needs and preferences, some insurance policies may suit you better than others. Make sure to also do your research on the countries you’ll be traveling to in order to assess risk factors, and keep your budget in mind too! 

Here we break down which aspects of travel insurance coverage you should pay particular attention to, and why. 

Medical expenses 

Every good travel insurance coverage policy should include medical expenses, but each company varies as to what extent they’ll cover you on. 

Do you have any pre-existing conditions that you need to be extra-careful with while on holiday? Emergency trips to the hospital are never fun, but when they happen, you don’t want to have to worry about a huge hospital bill while in a foreign country either. 

Travel insurance coverage for any medical expenses that may be incurred when you are overseas is also generally a wise move. If you’re a huge fan of extreme sports, for example, you might want to look into a backup plan to protect yourself from huge medical bills in case of accidents! 

Personal accidents 

Personal accidents can sometimes fall under medical expenses, but can also be expanded to include other kinds of accidents. 

Make sure to check the fine print to see exactly what kinds of accidents are covered. Some examples include:

  • vehicle accidents
  • natural disasters
  • burns and other injuries

Typically, a good coverage includes one that will protect you and your loved ones in the event of injury, disability, or death. 

Trip Cancellations 

If your trip gets cancelled, travel insurance coverage can partially protect and refund your losses, again, depending on each company’s policy. Make sure to compare the different types of coverages in order to see which one fits your criteria. 

Under this umbrella, you can also find things such as travel delays, damage to any of your personal belongings, and even theft of your belongings too. 

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