Explore Digi: The Best Mobile Network Provider in Malaysia

Nowadays, the highly developed communicating technology has had each of us closer to one another. It’s undeniable that currently, the key mechanism allowing it to be all possible are smartphones plus the internet. While we jump in on the subject of the internet, it’s usually hard to identify good & reliable mobile phone network provider.

Order Smartphone, Buy Prepaid & Much more with Digi

Inside this space, the company this is certainly synonymous with the colour yellow, Digi, really sticks out. Since their inception in 1995, Digi has been a brand which is well-known to push the boundaries and also innovates its offerings, regardless of whether an internet-based plan as well as a plain old mobile subscription package, such as Samsung Galaxy Note.

Prepaid Plans

Digi is now probably the greatest providers you will find in Malaysia. With numerous different types of mobile prepaid plans to select, Digi promises great value in the form of unlimited internet, free calls, even more. Because it is just a prepaid plan, just go ahead and get yourself a new SIM card to give it a go.

Postpaid Plans

One other choice for people is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing each of the postpaid plans in Malaysia, you’ll be able to deduce that Digi is the cheapest plan you can get, from RM50 for anybody trying to find the lowest monthly commitment and only RM250 for a family postpaid plan for to as much as 5 users.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Apple Phones

As Digi is familiar with the consumers’ needs, they also have been one of the first to get started with offering smartphone purchase along with the postpaid plan. Certainly, Apple’s smartphones are some of the popular smartphones many consumers pick. So, it’s your opportunity to get your hands on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 quickly!

Android Phones

That is not all, as Digi knows well that the majority of its customers are also into other Android brands, especially Samsung because of its S8 and Note 8. Plus, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei are offered also. Additionally interesting, you may get certain smartphones cost-free, much like the Oppo F5, Vivo V5S & more!

Broadband Plans

Sometimes, we can have a different kind of need that broadband may appear far more relevant. Don’t fret, with regards to Digi, you can find a range of broadband internet plan to select that is made for you. If you rave about online streaming, go for Digi’s Broadband 100 plan that provides 100GB of web data.

Roaming and IDD Calls

Nevertheless, many folks have a relatively special need to keep in touch with institutions or families abroad. This is how Digi’s roaming, as well as IDD plan, enters the picture. For international calls, Digi provides the lowest IDD rate to Thirty-six countries around the world. Before you can enjoy that, dial 133 using your Digi SIM card.


Quite simply, the one reason we like Digi much is they always work to produce a better service to the consumers. Having a more stable connection better coverage for even rural areas, Digi is focused to head the telecom market having a higher benchmark for competitors to keep pace with. Check out Digi’s website now at https://new.digi.com.my/home to find out more deals.

Digi Malaysia: Internet data Package & Even more

Want A Smartphone & Mobile Plan? Go with Digi

Now, advanced interaction technology has brought individuals closer to one another. It really is undeniable that presently, the primary mechanism allowing it to be all possible are smartphones as well as the internet. As soon as we jump in on the matter of the internet, it is often a dilemma to find a good & reliable mobile phone network provider.


In Malaysia, there is simply a significant telecommunication mobile phone network provider that constantly offers great plans that would be Digi. Regardless of whether it’s an internet or mobiles package, Digi offers the cheapest deals from which to select, where all kinds of consumers which include students, professionals, possibly even companies can usually benefit from.

Get the prepaid

Digi’s prepaid plan has become one of several product to find. If you want to take them into consideration, their prepaid SIM card is really easy to buy. You can just head off to 7 Eleven and acquire one and then make the registration at the counter before experiencing the most out of what we believe is the right prepaid plan in Malaysia.

fast internet

The cheapest postpaid

One other selection for people is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing the majority of the postpaid plans in Malaysia, we can determine that Digi will have the cheapest plan you can find, from RM50 for people seeking budget friendly monthly commitment, and only RM250 to have a family postpaid plan for as much as 5 users.

Always deliver

Digi knows best that the market needs, and the good thing about them is they’re always in a position to deliver. Along with the hype for Apple products, Digi began offering a great package deal for smartphone purchase including the iPhone 8 that accompanies their postpaid plan. This has to be a real big plus for people!

Not just apple

But Digi isn’t going to just offer Apple phones in store. You possibly can select a many different products from various brands too, which includes Samsung Galaxy S8, Vivo V7 , or perhaps Oppo R9S, which each comes with a awesome low price. Believe us, you simply won’t have this types of deal elsewhere outside.

For every products

Still, it is actually unquestionable that today, we really rely more on the web to connect, a lot less to call people and send text messages. Realizing this, Digi has ensured that every plans give the best internet package to get presently, whether it’s for just a postpaid, prepaid, or for broadband with fast internet package.

The roaming plan

Nevertheless, many have got a special need to keep in touch with providers or families abroad. That’s where Digi’s roaming and additionally IDD plan enters into the picture. For international calls, Digi has the lowest IDD rate to Thirty six countries around the world. Before you could enjoy that, dial 133 utilizing your Digi SIM card.

Make brilliant choice

To sum it up, a shrewd consumer can ascertain realize what works best for them. Having said that, Digi probably will not more popular over Maxis and Celcom if not for those remarkable deals they’ve got for the consumers. We hope that this time, we can convince yourself to consider Digi as your favored mobile phone network provider. To visit them, click this link https://new.digi.com.my

Jobstreet: Extend Your Hand To The Best-Performing Talents Before Competitors Do

Track down world-class job seekers the appropriate way.

Most people is aware that operating a business is no mere feat, in fact it is a great deal more challenging to drive your business to reach the top. A profitable company is dependent upon numerous conditions, some of which consist of the excellent strategy, timing, product offering, and even type of audience.

Team perform better

The root of a well streaming business comes down to its team members. Employing an all rounded team is the route to take. Deploying those who entail different expertise and abilities are crucial to uphold a self-sufficient business. With a competent team including a good mindset, beating any difficulties will likely be of ease.

Build better process

The employment procedure is a lengthy and winding road, especially for recruiting managers before a rise of technological advances. Employment relied on word of mouths, bulletin boards and after that later, postings in newspapers. Managing the database of prospective workforce had also been troublesome as resumes were written on paper previously, which make it difficult to access and manage job applications.

Existence of Web

The presence of cyberspace and computer systems curbs this problematic employment process. In the present day, hiring on the internet permits hiring managers to get in touch with a more predominant audience from around the earth and is also more affordable and time-saving.

Jobstreet Malaysia

Jobstreet in Malaysia

Mark Chang Mun Kee first formed Jobstreet Malaysia in 1997 hoping to offer a web-based platform to match job seekers and recruiters. A couple of decade afterwards, it has become one of Southeast Asia’s top rated online recruitment platform. At the present, this business serves 80 thousand corporate clients and 11 million candidates by connecting the communication and matching of work opportunities between employers and job seekers.

Seek for oppurtunity

For its valued online subscribers, Jobstreet provides nothing short of the world class service. Using the website web portal, job seekers can build a account and look for ideal job opportunities. Organisations, on the other hand, post job adverts via integrated sourcing to acquire and interact with would-be staff. While awaiting replies from the job advertisements, hiring managers can also discover excellent prospects with Jobstreet’s talent search feature.

Advanced systems

Having a extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems and groundbreaking communication tools, Jobstreet has completely revolutionized how you hire. The entire process of recruiting the highest-performing candidate really is as fluid than ever.

Jobstreet in Asia

Malaysia holds a significant position in Jobstreet’s historical past. To be a home turf that birthed the start this business, under the flagship of SEEK Asia, it entered abroad for instance Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, along with Indonesia today. Jobstreet’s ulterior motives are to connect individuals in Southeast Asia.

Your ideal portal

When you’re a business searching to employ, please continue to Jobstreet employer site at https://www.jobstreet.com.my/ to find talented employee that’s ideal for your vibrant organization now.

“A summary of Mitsubishi Electric’s Products Advice On To Have Electrical Appliances That Will Make World Greener

The technology is at the cutting-edge where lots of high quality products have actually been manufactured. Like, electrical and electronic products. Our life turned out to be more easier and functional because these products appear to have been unveiled to the whole world. One of the best electrical and electronic products manufacturer is Mitsubishi Electric.

Japan’s brand

Mitsubishi Electric is an accomplished Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company that has been founded in 1921. For more than Forty years in Malaysia, they have provided us various high-quality products such as air conditioning equipment, lift, escalator, inverter, and home items like fan and refrigerator.

Not just air-conditioner

However Mitsubishi Electic isn’t just restricted by air conditioner (ac) production linked to household purpose, as they definitely ended up being the leader that are available, but they also offer air conditioner systems that is normally intended for residential, industrial and commercial use, all energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

All essential elements

Other than that, they also offered building systems which includes lift, escalator, and elevator. Safety is the most essential element for this type of products. Along with their innovative engineering and advanced technological development, there’re able to make sure of the reliability, durability, and safety among the products.


Other than that, they also have the finest factory automation system which includes PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), inverter, industrial robots and more. Heigher productivity and better outcome is achievable with the helps of their products. Other than that, their products good in monitoring information that is definitely efficient for work management.

Home products

Mitsubishi Electric also provide the top home products to Malaysia. Here is an example, refrigerators, freezers, electric fans and water pumps. Most of these products are made and innovated in order to assist user in doing the daily task easier and more effective. Plus, their home products help user to save on utility bill utilizing their latest technology.


The Eco-friendly

Acknowledging the significance of climate-related ecological and financial threat to the planet’s eco-system and economy conditions. Indeed, Mitsubishi intend on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Paris Agreement goals, likely to limit global warming to well below 2°C by supporting the growth of renewable power.

Always self-improve

Research & Development (R&D) plays a significant role in creating the next generation of ground-breaking technologies. In Japan, they now have three R&D centers that are Advanced Technology, Information Technology, and Industrial Design. Every one of them play their own role, like Industrial Design Center that focus on creating start up business and products.

Meet the standards

As the valuable company, Mitsubishi Electric always ensure their goods can actually meet consumer’s needs. Through their items, our life become additional easier and cozy that is a undeniable fact Mitsubishi Electric help the quality of our life. When you find yourself eager about their products, do visit their website for details.” Know more from http://my.mitsubishielectric.com/en/

AIG Malaysia Insurance’s Coverage Plan the 360° Solution

AIG Malaysia seemed to be actively serving the citizen with comprehensive insurance & risk management solutions dependant on their individual & business needs since 1953. Presently, there is a large workforce including eager brokers and agents operating in no less than 15 offices nationwide with the main objective to work for clients to the maximum degree of care.

Personal Insurance

AIG holds on to the thought that insurance and financial protection is crucial in managing the uncertain future. Hence, the company has created a variety of risk management plan that fits both private individuals’ and businesses needs.

For men and women, getting a car or even a house is a very scary thing without the right insurance packages. Because of its importance, the federal government of Malaysia has made insurance subscription mandatory to ensure the fact that the citizen is capable of protecting their assets if there are misfortunes. Because of this, AIG Malaysia offers car insurance policy & home insurance plan accompanied by comprehensive coverage.

Nevertheless, their own health continues to be the primary aspect all of us should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates the general public over the significance of a medical insurance cover, it really is pleasing to be able to witness a gradual increase in quantities of health-related insurance purchase each year caused from their tireless effort.

car insurance

Business Insurance

The local businesses’ expansion to international markets along with very affordable transportation has generated frequent travel a new standard. It’s brought to the increasing interest in insurance to protect individuals while making both of those domestic and international trips. To correspond to the wants, AIG Malaysia has offered insurance with complete coverage for the customers.

Considering that the needs of companies in risk management, a more elaborate plan’s to choose from. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, and not to mention group employee benefits insurance. Establishments can certainly protect their businesses better while using an adjustable plan that usually can be tailored to their actual needs.

There is no doubt that this plenty of plan definitely will serve clients from a number of sectors, in particular, manufacturing, education, financial, transportation, aviation, plus much more. In expressing their responsiveness on the changes in market trend in addition to a rapidly increasing amount of numbers of startups, AIG has even created an SME package that will assist entrepreneurs to protect their business whenever they grow.

Hence, companies and individuals who happen to be interested to subscribe to any kind of insurance policies from AIG could be given a quote through their webpage. Furthermore, customers are also able to check out the number of authorized agents near their residing location to get hold of more personal service.

To Conclude

Taking innovation in marketing one stage further, AIG Malaysia has recently worked alongside Lazada to grant online insurance purchase within their partner’s platform. With way, customers may have a more friendly online shopping experience as his or her insurance plan could very well be approved within just 72 hours upon successful purchase and registration.

5 Activities Better With 4G

In this age where we rely so much on the internet for social media and other daily tasks, internet speed matters. Customers are always asking for the internet with broader coverage and faster speed to fulfil their needs.

4G is the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology, and it’s better than its predecessor, 3G. Based on its name, it’s evident that 4G speed is faster than 3G.

However, other than its speed, what else is better with 4G than with 3G? Here are some activities that are better with 4G:

Streaming videos

Netflix recommends at least 5Mbps if you want to stream HD-quality videos and the national average speed for 4G in Malaysia is more than enough. Even if the 4G speed experiences a dip from time to time, you can still enjoy watching your favourite TV shows.

Uploading pictures

Everyone takes pictures of everything these days. Pictures of food, people, and almost everything! And the next step after capturing an image is to upload them to social media. With 4G, uploading is faster than ever. You can even save your pictures instantly to online clouds thanks to 4G.

4g speed digi

Playing games

Faster internet speed means a smoother and better game experience. Not only do you get to download and update games faster, but you’ll also experience lower latency and uninterrupted gameplay on multiplayer games with 4G speed.

Making video calls

Video calling applications like FaceTime and Skype works best when there’s an interrupted and robust connection, and what’s better than 4G speed? Lower latency means it takes lesser time to transmit information between two devices and more clear video and audio quality.


Ever caught yourself in a situation where you need to download an app but you’re outside? Wi-Fi spots are rare and not necessarily fast, and 3G isn’t fast enough. Getting 4G will solve that problem as it’ll take only seconds to download your files!


Unless you don’t require fast internet or live in an area with zero coverage, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch to 4G. Visit https://new.digi.com.my/services/experience-4g-lte now for a consistent internet experience!

Nutritional Supplement from Pediasure and Abbott Nutrition

The marketplace is right now flooded with food supplements promising many of the richness of nutrition to you personally and also your child. As this can on occasion results in the paradox of choice, we feel that it is very important to us to share with you some facts regarding the many varieties of formula milk by Abbott Nutrition available, namely their features, and who should consume them. For example, lactose intolerance milk and pregnancy milk.

Abbott Nutrition Products Information and facts


Since it is pretty common today for folks to experience trouble making certain that their kids get an adequate measure of daily nutrients, Pediasure can serve as the right supplement to make up for the insufficient dosage. Getting your kids the right amount of daily nutrition required is extremely important in order to prevent diseases.

Pediasure contains each and every nutrient was required to ensure steady growth. This formula milk contains biotin, Vitamin A & B12, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, in addition to other nutrients that each serves the specific purpose that attributes towards the same objective, that is certainly optimum mental and physical growth.

lactose intolerance


Similac formula is manufactured to guide the kid’s brain. The mix of lutein, ARA, vitamin E, Taurine, DHA, Iron, Iodine, choline and much more enables the brain to take in and process information quicker. Specifically for kids from One to ten years old, who happen to be in the major development stage within their lives.

Similac is not only an item range specifically for children’s consumption. In order to enhance their mental growth inside the very early stage, Similac Mom is actually created to always be taken by mothers. It will aid all of them to provide all the nutrition the fetus needs when pregnant, and will also assist to supply nutrients during breastfeeding.


First brought to the industry in 1973 has the sole objective of helping adults earn complete and balanced nutrition from that time. It’s built its position being the doctor’s #1 liquid nutritional product for patients who have been facing nutritional insufficiencies. In the last 40 years, the science behind the goods is composed of selenium, vitamin B12, and A, chromium, and niacin plus much more.

On the separate note, it is recommended recognize that Ensure really should not be provided for children. This is primarily because the proportion of nutrients and vitamins inside this milk formulation is produced for adults. Conversely, Ensure is the right product for tube feeding for everyone striving consuming solid food.


Summing up, Pediasure will be the product to help with children’s both mental and physical growth. Meanwhile, Similac provides nutrition to children to successfully grow their learning abilities. Lastly, Ensure is a product made to provide essential nutrients to adults with difficulty consuming normal food. Get more information now https://abbottnutrition.com.my/

The Best Mobile Network Provider in Malaysia: Digi Telecommunications

Green, blue, orange, or yellow is right now no longer just four colors we learn at the kindergarten. Within the telecommunication industry, all of these colors represent some of the top players in the telecom industry. In this post, we provide you with the finest of them all purely for your consideration. For example, which of them provide the best 4g speed. Let’s explore now.

Broadband Internet Package & More Great Deal by Digi

One of the several big players, one seem to stand apart much more than the others, that is Digi. Though the brand arrived after Celcom not to mention Maxis in 1995, Digi was the first to introduce a completely digital mobile network on the local people. Nowadays, Digi offers brilliant mobile and internet packages to everyone.

Prepaid Plan

With Digi, its mobile prepaid plan has long been the best products to discover. For the reason that registration is really simple, get ready to experience seamless mobile internet experience. Plus, sometimes Digi offer prepaid plans with cost-free data for music and video streaming, with free call credit too!

Postpaid Plan

One other popular choice for the users is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing each one of the postpaid plans in Malaysia, we can determine that Digi is the cheapest plan in the market, from RM50 for people interested in the smallest monthly commitment, and just RM250 to have a family postpaid plan for to as much as 5 users.


Apple Phone

As Digi comprehends the consumers’ needs, they also have been one of the very first to begin offering smartphone purchase combined with the postpaid plan. Obviously, Apple’s smartphones are probably popular smartphones many customers select. So, it’s your chance to get an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 quickly!

Android Phone

That’s not all, as Digi knows well that many of its consumers are also into other Android brands, especially Samsung because of its S8 and Note 8. Plus, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei are also offered. Additionally interesting, that may get certain smartphones 100 % free, for instance, the Oppo F5, Vivo V5S & a lot more!

Broadband Internet

As we speak of the different plans and packages, let’s go down right to what certainly matters for people like us today, which is the internet. As you may plan to select the broadband, with Digi, the package starts from RM30 for 18GB of prepaid data, to only RM100 for 100GB of internet data with a postpaid plan.


Things just keep on improving with Digi since they offer amazing deals for IDD & international roaming. With Digi, you can find a roaming pass while you visit from either of the listed Fifty nations that enable you to surf high-speed internet for just RM5 each day. So, you’ll no longer have to have a local SIM card in foreign countries.


Last but not least, Digi puts the cherry over the top by having an excellent customer experience that is included with the product. Should anyone ever require any help with your mobile subscription plan or broadband internet plan, just call up their careline at 016 2211 180 or have a go with Digi’s customer live chat feature online. Visit the website now at https://new.digi.com.my/home

Top Milk Nutrition Facts Everyone Needs to Know

Since we’re young, we are told that milk is good for our body and we should have milk in our diet. However, how are they good for us? How does milk benefit to our health?

All dairy milk, whether it is organic, flavoured or fat-free, provide the essential nutrients to our body. They’re a great source of protein, calcium and vitamins and they’re necessary for a healthy diet.

If milk isn’t a part of your diet yet, here are some milk nutrition facts to convince you otherwise:

Eight grams of high-quality protein

Drinking a glass of milk provides your body eight grams of natural, high-quality protein. This protein helps in building lean muscle and keeping bones healthy. What’s unique about the protein in milk is that it is a “complete” protein that has the full mix of essential amino acids.

Rich source of vitamins

You can absorb different kinds of vitamins by drinking milk. Some of the vitamins you can get are Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A. These vitamin helps maintain a healthy immune system.

milk nutrition pediasure

Carbs in milk

Believe it or not, carbohydrate is also available in milk. The carbs in milk are in the form of lactose, a simple form of sugar, which is about 5% of the weight of the milk. Lactose breaks down when in our digestive system and they’re absorbed into our bloodstream and our liver. People who can’t break down lactose are lactose intolerant and will suffer from symptoms like diarrhoea.

Lowers blood pressure

Milk or other dairy products are known to decrease the risk of high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. Studies believe that the unique combination of calcium, potassium and magnesium in milk contributes to this fact.


Unless you are diagnosed with lactose intolerance, you should include milk in your diet. The benefits of drinking milk are too great to ignore.

Milk should also be an essential part of a child’s diet. Visit https://pediasure.com.my/watchMeGrow/choosing-right-milk-for-child to learn how to choose the right milk for you.

How Recruitment Automation Boosts Your HR Performance

Traditional methods of the hiring process such as keeping physical files and posting traditional job ads on boards can’t possibly keep up with today’s state of automation. It’s a fast-paced world, and efficiency and effectiveness are crucial when it comes to recruitment.

If you’re still on board the automation train, you’re missing out. Here some ways automation can improve your HR performance and save your time and resources:

Plan and control

With automation, planning and controlling job postings is easier. If you have a company profile on job portals like Jobstreet, it makes creating a job ad a breeze, as all you need to do is fill in the job details on a ready-made template. A few clicks and your job is up for everyone to see!

Broader reach

The reach you get by using the internet to promote your job advertisement is always going to wider than a traditional ad. A broader range of audience means it takes lesser time to fill an open position and more candidates to pick.

jobstreet singapore

Faster filtering

Manually reviewing candidate resumes and profiles consume a lot of time and energy. However, recruitment automation solves that problem as automation makes filtering much faster. For example, hiring managers can filter candidates by job position and expected salary range on Jobstreet.

Schedule meetings

Qualified candidates usually get an invitation for a job interview. Instead of making phone calls, hiring managers can prepare standardised emails and send to all candidates with a click. In Jobstreet, you can schedule phone calls or interviews directly on SiVA Recruitment Centre.


There’s no reason not to allow automation into the hiring process. Some people may think automation replaces the human factor in human resources, but in reality, it’s all about making the process more efficient. That said, the automation process requires monitoring and control to ensure a balance between algorithms and human beings.

Visit https://www.jobstreet.com.sg/en/cms/employer/ to enhance your hiring experiences today!