Off-Road Adventure for Newbie

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, sometimes we would like to take a week off and go to somewhere we love to – beaches, hiking, waterfall. For some of us, we will go to off-road adventure with our 4×4 vehicle. Here’s what you need to know if you’re the first-timer or a newbie in this field.

4x4 car

Type of Vehicle Do You Need

It is different for every person and every trip. But you don’t need a highly modified vehicle just to go car-camping down a dirt road.

If you already have a car you want to use for the trip, honestly evaluate its capability and your experience, and plan trips through terrain you can handle, within for your safety range.

How far you want to go with your car modifications is obviously determined by your personal budget, and desire for conveniences while travelling. If you’re starting from scratch, it is advisable for you to set your own budget that includes all the modifications you wish to make, then see how much will you spend on your car. With this approach, buying a cheaper truck and making modifications almost always makes more sense than starting with something fancy and only making a few. The New 2019 Mitsubishi Triton will be a good start for you. You may refer to this link to find out more about the latest Triton model:

Things You Need to Take with You

Obviously, if you’re only going away for a day trip – out and back, no sleep-over – then you may disregard any tips we’re about to throw your way on what camping gear to pack, but, if not, read on and pay attention.

Tent? Check. Sleeping bags? Check. Off you go. Well, not quite, but shelter and a bed are a great place to start. You do however need a few more things to achieve a basic level of comfort, safety and self-sufficiency.

Don’t pack your vehicle to the gunwales as if you’re heading for a month-long Simpson Desert trip, if you’re only going away for the weekend. There’s a temptation to pack over and above what you and your family needs for every trip – you are only human after all – but ignore those urges.

You need to accept the need to be able to maintain and repair that your vehicle on the trail. If you need to rely on AAA to fix a flat tire, then I’d advise you to stay on paved roads. What tools and spare parts you end up carrying with you are based on your experience fixing things, the needs of the vehicle you’re driving, and what its common wear items and broken parts are.

Know where are you going

Know where you planning to go, when and for how long. Yes, it’s important and much better to plan and prepare, that way you can focus on the area you’d most like to visit, the terrain you’d like to drive (beach or bush). Do your research, get ready before you go.

Map out the route you’d like to take, being sure to know what the tracks are like and whether your vehicle is likely to be able to tackle them without too much trouble.

All in all

It is about time for your to get your off road adventure started! Get all the above done and start your 4×4 engine to set off. Enjoy and have a safe trip lads!