How Recruitment Automation Boosts Your HR Performance

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Traditional methods of the hiring process such as keeping physical files and posting traditional job ads on boards can’t possibly keep up with today’s state of automation. It’s a fast-paced world, and efficiency and effectiveness are crucial when it comes to recruitment.

If you’re still on board the automation train, you’re missing out. Here some ways automation can improve your HR performance and save your time and resources:

Plan and control

With automation, planning and controlling job postings is easier. If you have a company profile on job portals like Jobstreet, it makes creating a job ad a breeze, as all you need to do is fill in the job details on a ready-made template. A few clicks and your job is up for everyone to see!

Broader reach

The reach you get by using the internet to promote your job advertisement is always going to wider than a traditional ad. A broader range of audience means it takes lesser time to fill an open position and more candidates to pick.

jobstreet singapore

Faster filtering

Manually reviewing candidate resumes and profiles consume a lot of time and energy. However, recruitment automation solves that problem as automation makes filtering much faster. For example, hiring managers can filter candidates by job position and expected salary range on Jobstreet.

Schedule meetings

Qualified candidates usually get an invitation for a job interview. Instead of making phone calls, hiring managers can prepare standardised emails and send to all candidates with a click. In Jobstreet, you can schedule phone calls or interviews directly on SiVA Recruitment Centre.


There’s no reason not to allow automation into the hiring process. Some people may think automation replaces the human factor in human resources, but in reality, it’s all about making the process more efficient. That said, the automation process requires monitoring and control to ensure a balance between algorithms and human beings.

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