Ergonomics in the Workplace

common ground coworking space

Do you know? Although at work, there seems to be no risk that you may be injured, you are still threatened by the potential for long-term pain if you didn’t pay attention to ergonomics at work.

Have you ever thought about safety and health while working even you are in an office, coworking space or construction sites?

common ground coworking space

It is a review of the extent to which your tasks can be completed without burdens on your body and no long-term health risks. Ergonomics is a science that adapts to the job and work environment of the workforce. So, what is ergonomic example in a workplace?

Proper seating position

Yes! Your way of life is very important whether you are driving to the office, riding a motorcycle or sitting on an errand. If your work environment does not allow for proper posture, immediately contact your employer and discuss how to improve the situation. Remember! The wrong way of sitting can make you sick someday.

Repetition is a burden

For example, you become a toll clerk. You need to repeatedly reach out the window to take money from the driver at the toll counter. Always check whether repetition is a burden on your body. Don’t take it lightly. Your neglect of ergonomics in the workplace may have long- term consequences. Just because you are a toll clerk, you don’t care about the pain in the shoulder, it’s a false attitude.

Painful local pressure

For example, you are a clerk and you always put your hands on the desk and keyboard to write. Your wrist is pressed against the corner of the table. It causes numbness or prolonged numbness. In fact, this is an ergonomic observation in the workplace that is important to note. Suggest to your employer for a more ergonomic desk or equipment.

Work area lighting

The human eye is not like the cat’s eye that can see in the dark. Our eyes can’t see things too bright. Therefore, the appropriateness of lighting should be noted. If you are accustomed to working in a dark room, be sure to take adequate access to light at intervals. If it’s too bright, make sure the curtains are covered. If you work in front of a computer, make sure you have time to rest. If you are working in the field, make sure you have a shade to keep your eyes from the sun.

Noise in the surrounding area should be observed so as not to disturb

The human ear drum is irreplaceable. Once it was damaged, it suffered forever. Therefore, do not be vulnerable to noise in the workplace. In the factory for example. Make sure the earplugs are always supplied for use. If you are a self-employed employee and always wear earphones, make sure your earphones are not too loud. Workplace ergonomics is a must see even when you are working alone at home.

Other Facts

In fact, there are many more examples to share. Many workers have been in static conditions for a long time. For example, the accountant at his desk, the security guard at the guard house, the cashier at the diner and so on. This stagnant position is dangerous especially if it is done within hours. This can contribute to tension and muscle injury. Yes! That’s why you need to pay attention to ergonomics at work.