Digi Malaysia: Internet Plan & Even more

Digi, the perfect Postpaid & Prepaid Service provider in Malaysia

The internet of things has been the motive force of today’s economy. Now, the continuing growth of telecommunications made the world a practically more compact place. With this particular, you’ll need a reliable network provider who is able to deliver close to your expectations. However, the question for you is, who is a very good provider you can depend upon?

In this particular space, Digi that has been synonymous with the color yellow, Digi, really does well. Since its inception in 1995, Digi is actually a brand that has been well-known to push the bounds and also innovates its offerings, whether an internet-based plan or maybe a usual mobile phone subscription package.

About the most typical plan, you’ll discover is the prepaid plan. Certainly, Digi gives you the best-prepaid plan in Malaysia as it offers great value at an affordable price. You can just buy Digi’s prepaid SIM card around the airport or convenient stores like 7 Eleven and enjoy smooth wireless internet experience.


Plus, you could also choose to try Digi’s postpaid plan. If you’d like to keep your number from an existing provider, it is possible to ask for a network switch, as long as the entire bills are actually settled. Digi offers the best postpaid plan with free calls, strong web connection & free data!

With great internet, you may need a great smartphone. Considering that everybody agrees the iPhone 8 makes a great smartphone with impressive functions, why not purchase one with Digi’s phone purchase package? With Easy Payment Plan obtainable for those that need it, owning the most current smartphone is much easier now.

For Android lovers, try not to frown. Digi has also different Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus more models from Vivo and Huawei to choose from. Further, every one of the smartphone prices is much cheaper compared to the market price, and all you may need in return would be to buy their postpaid plan.

When we speak about the various plans and packages, let’s proceed down right to what seriously matters for folks today, that is the internet. Since you may wish to choose the broadband, with Digi, the plan starts from RM30 for 18GB of prepaid data, to merely RM100 for 100GB of data with a postpaid plan.

Since we are currently more ready to accept communication with overseas countries, Digi has come up with a good offer where it gives an extraordinary rate for international calls. If you utilize a postpaid or prepaid Digi number, simply dial 133 before entering the chosen number to have enjoyment from the low fee.

And lastly, Digi is a wonderful network provider for the reason that owns a wonderful customer satisfaction team. If you require any type of assistance, you can easily visit their website or call the customer care careline at 106 2211 180 to get any matter regarding your subscription plan sorted out.