Coworking Space & Virtual Offices In Klang Valley

Would like to work in an office along with total strangers?

Work culture plays a vital role in shaping your business. Factors just like, for example, beliefs, surroundings, and attitudes will impact on the work culture may well bring in the best of employees alongside the organization. However, the working culture is changing and evolving, as outlined by time. Freelancing together with digital nomad culture is more popular, which has a big difference from the traditional way we consider a working lifestyle. To cater to these new trends, coworking office spaces have started to appear around the globe.

You will find many coworking spaces around the Klang Valley area now due to the rate of digital nomads and freelancing over time. Coworking space means a shared workplace which is usually occupied by individuals from different identities of the organization below the same roof. It’s always merely by sharing a large table with a fellow freelancer or having your private deck.

One of many coworking spaces we are featuring Colony @ KLCC. Colony’s mission is generally to revolutionize their customer’s work experience. Utilizing the digitized marketplace, Colony’s objective is always to help you feel more from your home. A lot better, this serviced office is compact down the middle of Pavillion and KLCC.

Common Ground

Colony indeed a coworking space that echoes an equivalent ambience of any office. However, unlike a regular office, it is run on a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas like the coworking desk space together with a personalized space for your company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, hence you may relieve your body’s stress in our own Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even provide a nap room and massage room for days where working isn’t an option. Moreover, they have an event rental space.

Common Ground is another selection for coworking space enthusiasts. Their goal is to create the best space that you can meet up with others and succeed. With style and professionalism as the primary goal, Common Ground designed their workspace to become modern and unique while still sustaining as an effective business-class facility. Common Ground rapidly further expands its workspaces locally in Malaysia and overseas in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Common Ground, the ever-expanding hub, provides several services in the establishment accessibility through their unique CG App to align with their goal to connect between communities by making it more straightforward for customers to communicate through said application. Other services within the coworking space, such as complimentary refreshments, and even free training, will boost both productivity and self-improvement. Let yourself have a different virtual office environment in Common Ground.

Worq. Space is another coworking space in Glo Damansara, TTDI. Their mission is simple. They wish to boost their customer’s productivity by providing them with superb services. Worq. Space aims to give a platform for growth, to promote diversity, and to build long-lasting relationships.

Customer’s happiness and overall satisfaction are within the heart of Worq.Space. Therefore, they offer a pantry service that has a free flow of food, event spaces, benefits, community areas, fully furnished modern offices and much more.

Now that we’ve gone over with you three coworking office spaces, you may finally make up your mind on where your choice would go with. To proceed, visit, and