Activities for Your Autism Kid

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Child autism is also like other normal children. They also require activity stimulation for their mental and physical development. However playing activities are often difficult for these autistic children, learning opportunities while playing are limited.

Let’s see what are the activities that suitable for kid with autism that suggested by autism center Malaysia

autism link autism center malaysia

Playing with ‘traditional’ game

There are quite a bit of traditional games like chess or “congkak” and any board game that are available in a game store that offers the opportunity for autistic kid to try skills like moving something, sharing something and waiting for it to turn. However, make sure when you choose a game like this, try selecting that does not take too much time to spend. This is because the kid with autism focus may be quite limited.

Let’s dance and sing

Music motivates children. Autistic children with a high sensitivity will enjoy music as a medium to stimulate and calm themselves. Mom and dad can also find ways to incorporate music and song elements into activities. For example, singing can do active movements such as dancing and watching music videos for children will bring joy. This activity one of the favorite in autism center.

Doing activity based on movement

On average, many kid with autism always want to move actively. This is because they really enjoy climbing, running, swinging, jumping and more. Sometimes this affects them. Activities such as swinging on a swing (with adult supervision) can be fun. Jumping on a trampoline, running freely on a field or recreation park can also be a positive routine for your kid with autism.

Building things activity

Construction build up activities are favored by both boys and girls. For autistic children, this kind of activity has many benefits such as educating patience and helping with self-coordination and excessive stimulation control. More interestingly, mom and dad do not necessarily have to buy expensive building blocks. This is because the empty boxes, the kitchen utensils are not too heavy or fragile, and anything suitable can be used for building things.


No matter what are the activities, please ensure you as parents present while your autism kid playing. This will ensure they are feeling safe and comfort. Also ensure the activities are not too heavy and will triggers anything.