5 Activities Better With 4G

4g speed digi

In this age where we rely so much on the internet for social media and other daily tasks, internet speed matters. Customers are always asking for the internet with broader coverage and faster speed to fulfil their needs.

4G is the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology, and it’s better than its predecessor, 3G. Based on its name, it’s evident that 4G speed is faster than 3G.

However, other than its speed, what else is better with 4G than with 3G? Here are some activities that are better with 4G:

Streaming videos

Netflix recommends at least 5Mbps if you want to stream HD-quality videos and the national average speed for 4G in Malaysia is more than enough. Even if the 4G speed experiences a dip from time to time, you can still enjoy watching your favourite TV shows.

Uploading pictures

Everyone takes pictures of everything these days. Pictures of food, people, and almost everything! And the next step after capturing an image is to upload them to social media. With 4G, uploading is faster than ever. You can even save your pictures instantly to online clouds thanks to 4G.

4g speed digi

Playing games

Faster internet speed means a smoother and better game experience. Not only do you get to download and update games faster, but you’ll also experience lower latency and uninterrupted gameplay on multiplayer games with 4G speed.

Making video calls

Video calling applications like FaceTime and Skype works best when there’s an interrupted and robust connection, and what’s better than 4G speed? Lower latency means it takes lesser time to transmit information between two devices and more clear video and audio quality.


Ever caught yourself in a situation where you need to download an app but you’re outside? Wi-Fi spots are rare and not necessarily fast, and 3G isn’t fast enough. Getting 4G will solve that problem as it’ll take only seconds to download your files!


Unless you don’t require fast internet or live in an area with zero coverage, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch to 4G. Visit https://new.digi.com.my/services/experience-4g-lte now for a consistent internet experience!