3 Instagram Story Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

4g lte

Instagram, a photo-sharing social media platform, plays a crucial role in our lives these days. Instagram users keep in touch with their followers by uploading pictures and videos on their page, and brands reach their customers through ads on the platform. With just a smartphone and 4G LTE, you can stay connected to your followers anywhere, anytime.

In 2016, Instagram launched a new feature called the Instagram stories, or Instastory for short. Uploaded pictures and videos on the Instastry only last for 24 hours, and users can customise their InstaStory with stickers an fonts for better content.

Although Instastory has been here for a while, not everyone is aware of all its hidden features. Here are hacks and tips for you to step up your Instastory game:

4g lte

Access the colour palette

Instagram allows users to draw with the brush tool or enter fonts in their Instastory. However, the colour options aren’t a lot. Even with the eyedropper tool, you can’t select a colour that isn’t in the picture.

You can select any colour on the colour wheel by holding down any of the default colour options. A colour palette will pop up, and now you can unleash your creativity!

Give your text gradient

Using the previous tip you just learned, you can apply a gradient to any text on your Instastory.

First, you need to highlight your text by tapping your words and click “Select All.” With your text highlighted, use a finger to hold down a colour option and access the hidden palette. Then, place another finger on the colour palette. With both fingers down, drag them both across the colour palette at the same time. If you did it successfully, you’ll see your text change its colour, letter by letter!

Create a solid background colour

Sometimes when you just want to include some text into your story, you don’t have to take a picture or a video to have it as a background. You can just create a solid background.

All you need to do is access your brush tool and select a colour. Hold down your finger anywhere on the canvas, and the screen will be filled with the colour you chose!


Instastory is a wonderful tool that all users and brands should use, whether it’s for entertainment or business purposes. By learning these hacks, hopefully, you’ll impress your followers!

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